There’s a world of stories around us.

Meaningful tales of people, places, things, and special moments in our lives.


Our mission is to preserve all short audio stories in one place
for people to quickly access.


Who We Are

We are a passionate team of technology industry veterans focused on helping organizations and individuals easily tell and share their short audio stories – to be heard now and in the future.


What We Do

We designed QuickTales as a unique mobile and web platform for both public and private story sharing.

A low-cost solution for any organization to uniquely engage with their visitors through audio stories, while encouraging visitors to share their own audio reactions.

Individuals can also share their personal stories within their own private groups.


What We value

Enriching lives through storytelling

From early times society has grown and improved due to the sharing of oral stories. We want to extend that important tradition.

Ease of use

We want everyone to tell their stories – not just a handful of influencers. A short audio format makes it simple for anyone.

An Inclusive Community

We aim for a supportive, inclusive environment that encourages everyone to participate in a manner that all people can enjoy and benefit from.

Individual Privacy

It is critical to us that individuals fully trust what they choose to keep private, or share with individuals in private groups, stays private and belongs to them.

A Safe and Positive Experience

Our key priority is to maintain a safe and positive experience for all users. Our community is not the place for hate, trolling, and cyberbullying.  

© 2023 Tales Studio, Inc.
© 2023 Tales Studio, Inc.